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from by Howie DuDatte

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Spittin’ like it’s venom, kiss the bliss and get your head numb
smooth-juke-box beats is leapin’ so we get dumb
slurp it up like otter pops, so basic that she oughta drop it
faster than the bass could melt her face off in a sauna
pop the trunk on my 2k, drunk like we o-kaay,
kick it when they say we loud as fuck like, shit, you don’t say?
-- , Esse, it’s a matter of cajones,
like a sackie of the wacky tabbacky we blaze
dazed phrasin’, braise the lamb of god, pick a lass to bust a nut in,
bills up in your face like you could see benjamin’s button
snug life, nug life, cruisin’ down the block
cock the middle finger higher than your nuts in a too tight jock-
strap, jocks rap, spot ‘em by the tank top,
sloppy second taught ‘em that the hoes prefer the tube sock
stockings to her knee right, spell it out like dee-light
raptor lips around my junk, thats why I call her dino-mite

Master slacker in the house, catch him goin’ with the flow
passed the class fast, clock ‘em flying pigs in the road
three guinness on my left, three shots on my right
six ways to make a lady go bump in the night
tight ass in the sheets, altogether kinda stunning
third eye blind so she didn’t see me cumming on the
triple-dip dick-rag, toss it in the hamper
pamper ladies like the motherfuckin’ genie of the lamp
tramp stampin’ to the club, rockin’ sleaze with the colla’, holla
make the lady think that I can pay top dollar --
flattery, madame me? If you wanna fuck
then we can take it back to mine and fuckin’ pop a two-buck chuck

Slow clap, no “clap”, bag it like a grocer boy
scouts be snagging fag-hags faster than your coy-ass
“girlfriend” think I’m a pretty nice guy
droppin’ bees-knees rappers with a sample of my own poppin’
licks on the bass, space-bound phone-home, Houston --
*chik* “We got a problem, Howie’s gettin’ all the astro-dome!”
-- , --, Three cheers to your high-ness
spy the swift spliffin’ homies at the In-N-Out drive in
-- , *tsss*, “Flamin’ bowl patrol in sector ten!”
burnin’ trees like agroecological firemen
-- , -- , “My that’s a smooth rap”,
Get it through your head and then you’ll know H-Howie DuDatte


from Slug Life, track released November 17, 2013
Production/beetz: Demetry Treto
Violin: Terre Lee
Writing/vox/bass:Edison Mellor-Goldman




Howie DuDatte Santa Cruz, California

Howie is a writer, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, working primarily with the music and production talents of Grei.

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